bubble teas, high tops, my 2 year-old toddler, pookie on the way & baby daddy who helped make two kiddos possible, muumuus, bright lipstick, peninsula park & heart coffee roasters. 

oh! you want sewing-related?! okie. i'm a north portland native who took her first sewing class at age 29 when i was having a bit of a quarter life crises. i fell in love with it. all of it. and then i got the chance to spend some time in new york city interning with the big kids, the pattern makers and designers who walk the nyfw runways. after that experience i was officially hooked. back in bridgetown, i spent several years working for local designers which included a super fun season with the pendleton portland collection.


 then came a teaching opportunity at portland community college and now this - my wildly idyllic version of combining all my loves to make each day filled with chutzpah: taking care of the littles, sharing everything i know about sewing & pattern making and joining forces with some of this town's finest food, drink & diy makers. those last two i get to do with you. unless you're a fan of changing poopy diapers. then that first love applies as well.

i am so, mega, ultra happy that you're here. maybe we'll get the chance to hang and pattern something dreamy together. 

xoxo, sara