open air sewing studio / act blue fundraiser
10:00 AM10:00

open air sewing studio / act blue fundraiser

it’s still summer and i want to sew outside! i want to set up extension cords and full length mirrors and drink iced coffee and help show you where we should move those bust darts so they do justice to your gorgeous rack and help evenly pin your skirt so it can be hemmed and copy your very favorite vintage blouse so that you can make master pattern pieces for it and sew a thousand of them! i really want to do all of this in portland sunshine in the middle of a garden too beautiful not to share.

i think three hours is good, yes? i promise we’ll be productive, even in the face of warm air and iced drinks.

half of each ticket price proceeds will be donated directly to act blue 501(c)(3) on behalf of their efforts to aid families torn apart in the recent ice raids


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6:00 PM18:00

open sew at the klum house!

it's open sew! bring an unfinished project or start a new one. make stuff. snack. mingle with makers. keep snacking.

Open sew is an amazing, collaborative crafting circle. Although there is no direct instruction as in one of the klum house classes, there is a sharing of knowledge while we work alongside each other. Feel free to bring snacks or drinks or just your project. Stay for an hour or a few. Super excited to sew with you.

$6/hour. Stay for one one or all 3! There will be an option to add hours on in person if you end up wanting to stay for longer.

*the open sews i help host at the klum house can be fitting emphasized meaning you are more than welcome to bring in a muslin or swedish tracing paper shell you are working on and i will happily stare at your boobs, pin and assess what changes will make your tits look amazing. working from commercial patterns is great - they give you an awesome starting point but girl, let's be real, all our knockers are different sizes, shapes and heights so let me give you some friendly advice to help make that top or dress fit mo' better.* 

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personal measurement party!
3:00 PM15:00

personal measurement party!

is it so hard to take your own measurements? yes. yes, it is. it is super impossible and not recommended that you even try. because they will be off. way off. and wonky. wonky and way off. have you tried coaxing your lover/partner/roommate/neighbor/family member/friend/the dog to take your measurements for you? that's not recommended either. because 1) they don't know the correct way to do it 2) but they will try because they love you but 3) you will just end up being flustered with them for something they don't know how to do. so! alternative! swing by the studio and let me do it for you! all 28 or so measurements! every single one! shoulder slope, apex to apex, center back neck to waist/knee/ankle/floor, you name it, i will measure it! 

then what? once we record all your measurements on a clear and easy to read chart, we get to spend the rest of our two hours together talking about how you can use those numbers to make slopers! make clothes that fit! alter clothes you have already made to fit better! so many things! 

it will be way fun, i promise. 

you can book this two-hour measurement party any time you like, just shoot me an email and we will converge our busy schedules to find a day that works! 

2 hours + sloper chat / $60


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fall poncho making party!
10:00 AM10:00

fall poncho making party!

is it fall yet?! as a portland native, there is nothing i love me more than some cool, brisk, grey, overcast daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays. and you need the wardrobe to go with them. ponchos are the shit. they just are. oversized, reversible, giant patch pockets, hooded to protect that pretty face from the raindrops. so good. so let's make one! i supply the pattern, we alter them together to your wishes and dreams and then we cut out fabric and sew those puppies up! wear them out the door at the end of the day! with a belly full of all the warm coffee and tea you drank while here!

once you sign up, i'll send you an email with all the specifics; recommended fabric choices, yardage, notions, etc.!

this is a one day workshop. 10am-5pm. $100.


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to Oct 2


FROM DESIGN TO PRODUCTION: The Magic Behind DIY + Industry Apparel & Bags (2 Day Intensive)



SAT + SUN, OCT 1ST + 2ND, 1-4 PM

DAY ONE:  Klum House  

DAY TWO: The Pattern House


(2 Day Intensive)

Are you wondering what goes into producing your designs? Let us help you solve the mystery. In this two day workshop series we will go over the ins and outs of turning your design idea into a finished product. We will cover the basics – If you are a DIY design/maker or are working with a professional pattern maker and production house - we got you covered.


TALKING SHOP: Concept, Process, and Mood Board

Get an intro to design/cut/sew in-house production process of apparel and bags, as well as designing for off-site production. In this four hour workshop we’ll dive into design processes including conception, sampling, and production. Using finished goods as examples, we will share our patterns, sketches, mood boards and illustrator tech drawings with you. This information will be used as a jumping off point for you to work out your own production plan. During this workshop we will also create individual mood boards to use as an essential tool that inspires, focuses, and guides your collection.


- Learn what steps to take your designs through to get them produced

- Create a mood board for your designs

- Make a production plan for your designs


PATTERN MAGIC: Working With A Patternmaker + Industry Standards


Do you have a working pattern or even just an idea that you can’t wait to produce and show the world?! Are you bewildered by industry lingo? Do you wish you could hire a patternmaker but are overwhelmed by the information they need to produce a successful sample for you? On the second day of this design-to-production workshop we begin to unveil the mystery behind production packets and patternmaking!

In this four-hour workshop of pattern production talk, you will get to build on the mood board you created in day one. You’ve had the chance to visualize your ideal garment, now we get to talk all about next steps in the production process!


- How fashion sketches & illustrations fit into the process

- Concept details such as materials, trims & closures

- Tips on sourcing your materials

- What the sample sizing for your target audience is

- What a patternmaker does / the designer-patternmaker relationship

- About fit models

Pattern play

You will also have the opportunity to explore the art of patternmaking with alteration exercises and see what flat pattern pieces from a sewn-up completed garment look like on their own!

Lastly, we will put all of this new information together into a comprehensive pre-production check-list that you can take home with you, which will give you the best chance possible for interviewing and being hired by production houses. At the end of our playtime together, you will know so much more about the production industry and will have much more confidence to move your idea forward. SO. MUCH. YAY.

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10:00 AM10:00

hack a garment workshop!

* this workshop is best if you have some prior sewing and pattern-making experience - please feel free to email with any questions *

if you guys are anything like me (bubble tea addiction and acrylic nails aside), you probably, from time to time, window shop in any number of our fair city's hip hoods and drool over one (or 17) garments hanging in any number of our fair city's hip boutiques. and then you peek at the price tag. and then it's game over. i know this game! and it's a shitty one! come let me help show you the ways and together we can hack your favorite, coveted but way too expensive dream garment! the best part? you get to play designer and choose your very own fabric! and the fit will be awesome because we'll draft your dream garment to fit YOU!

so, how about it?! let's get to hacking! once you sign up for the workshop, I'll email you the scoop on how to get started and what to bring to ensure we make the most of the day and your time. 

all pattern house workshops are limited to no more than 5 people to ensure that you get the most help needed. 

please note our no-refund policy on workshops. your workshop ticket can be postponed for a future workshop though!

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10:00 AM10:00

bodice making workshop!

bodice pattern making workshop!

come spend the day learning how to draft and fit a darted & non-darted bodice to your own amazing measurements using a sloper. with this bodice, you can create any number of tops that can be worn as blouses or the top half of a dress. in doing all this fun work, you will go forth, knowing how to repeat this process for any other body you should come across in need of a perfectly fitted bodice with lots of style line options

by the end of the workshop, you will have a completed, notated and fitted bodice with style lines that you love! take home beloved bodice in both paper & muslin piece forms

typical workshop flow: 

morning meet and itinerary chit chat over coffee & tea and something yummy from the pattern house kitchen 

then we pattern!

lunch - included in workshop fee, locally catered and always vegetarian

over lunch you will be treated to a mini workshop that could include any number of handsy, crafty goodnesses (maybe how to shiburi fabric, concoct your own herbal salve, stir up a tonic remedy or cook something delicious - can also of course be sewing related)

then we pattern more!

bodice muslin show & tell show and goodbye hugs

once you sign up and pay for a workshop, you will be emailed all the juicy, detailed information you need along with the pattern house address

workshops are limited to no more than 5 people to ensure that you have all the guidance and help you want

 feel free to email us with any questions, concerns or good party jokes you might have

please, please note that once a workshop is paid for, there are no refunds available. you can totally postpone your workshop ticket for another calendar date if scheduling turns out the struggle or you can sell/gift your ticket to another patterning-happy friend

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10:00 AM10:00

Fall Poncho Making Party!

a portland fall is my absolute favorite time of year. i love feeling the click in the seasons and the first crisp chill in the air. so. delicious. it makes me start thinking about warmth in clothing and piling on yummy layers that are all topped off with the ultimate poncho. come spend a day drinking hot tea and sewing up your very own dream poncho! 

prior to the workshop day, you get to choose a poncho pattern and i'll help you figure out how much fabric to buy and any other notions you will need. 

the day of the workshop, we will spend the hours altering the pattern you choose in any way you would like (add a hood or pockets! make it longer! make it reversible!) and then we will cut and sew our ponchos! you will get to walk out the door and into the chilly fall night enveloped in your masterpiece. 

once you sign up and purchase the workshop, you will receive an email with all the additional details you will need plus the ponchos to choose from!

feel free to email me with any questions you have!

as with all pattern house workshops, you will be provided with drinks and a vegetarian lunch plus some sort of mini workshop while lunching!

please be aware that workshops are non-refundable but can be postponed until a later date should a conflict arise. 

this will be such a fun day! thanks for joining in!

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10:00 AM10:00

garment copying workshop!

* this workshop is best if you have some prior sewing experience and have worked a bit with patterns - feel free to email if you have any questions *

do you have a very favorite piece in your closet that fits you like a glove or maybe a vintage piece that's fragile and you want to remake another one or any other possibility where copying an already-sewn garment would be rad?! come spend the day learning how to copy a favorite garment WITHOUT taking it apart!

learn how to properly lay out the garment, copy each piece at a time, complete and true up the pattern, properly notate each piece and add the correct amount of seam allowance so that you or someone else could sew up another one. 

coffee, tea and lunch provided!

once you sign up and pay for a workshop, you will be emailed all the juicy, detailed information you need along with the pattern house address.

workshops are limited to no more than 5 people to ensure that you have all the guidance and help you want.

 feel free to email us with any questions, concerns or good party jokes you might have.

please, please note that once a workshop is paid for, there are no refunds available. you can totally postpone your workshop ticket for another calendar date if scheduling turns out to be the struggle or you can sell/gift your ticket to another patterning-happy friend.

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